Japan’s Anime rankings

Japan has released their final anime rankings for 2009 so how did your favorite anime place?

Coming in 1st and 2nd place are 2 childrens programs, Sazae-San and Chibi Maruka Chan. Now chances are you’ve never seen them before and either have I.  While writing this post I have decided that just for the hell of it I’m going to show you guys a clip of Sazae-San the most popular Japanese televison!

Ok…..So, thats the number one animated program on Japanese television as voted by Japan.

But all Jokes aside It makes sense for Sazae-San to be at the top of the list because of its family friendly nature and the popularity it has with Japanese kids.

After Sazae-San and Chibi Maruka-chan we have the 3rd and my all time favorite show “OnePiece” Thats right One Piece ranked 3rd favorite animated television show and technically 1st for being the first actual anime on the list. OP definitely deserves the spot It was given and gratz to Eiichiro Oda!

One Piece

To celebrate One Piece’s epic win, I thought I would share with you the best OP Amv (Animated Music Video) I have ever seen. It brings me great pleasure to introduce you to “Sail On!”

Epic, right?

Now I’m sure you would like to find out the rest of the list so lets roll!

Coming in 4th we have “Dragon Ball Kai

DragonBall Kai

We then have “Detective Conan” in a very well placed 5th position

Detective Conan

In 6th and 7th we have “Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl” and “Tamagotchi!

In 8th position we have your generic Tournament anime “Inazuma eleven

Still staying strong in 9th position we have the very well known “Naruto Shippuden

And last and probably least in the list we have a new Beyblade series “Metal Fight BeyBlade” in 10th

I’m really not surprised to see Pokemon so high with all its success it shows no signs of ever stepping down, ever. Naruto Shippuden was destined to be up there along with DB Kai, I find it interesting that Tamagotchi does so unbelievably well in japan after the horrible feedback it got everywhere else.

Ohk, So I hope you guys enjoyed this post.



Luffy has Arrived!

After receiving a call today it was confirmed that it had arrived.

A parcel for me.

love that feeling of having something to open and knowing its for you

After a short walk to my community mailbox I saw the parcel crammed into the green box of dreadfully slow communication. aka My MailBox

Rushing home so that I can open the small white package in the tranquility of my own home.

You see, I knew what was in the parcel.

But the excitement of receiving the item that I had un-patiently waited for was exhilarating.

Is it sad to say that opening a package of which I knew the contents is exhilarating?

who cares. its my blog.

I opened it.

And there It was.

Luffy in all his PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) Fantasticism

yes. its a real word.

Luffy as a Statuette looks something like this


I thought I would share my excitement of the day with you.

That Is all.

Oh and Luffy looks insanely epic am I right!?