K-ON! Review

Do you like music?

Do you like anime?

If you answered yes to both of the above questions than boy do I have a show for you!

Alright, So K-ON! is the Japanese word for “Light Music Club” and that is exactly what this series is about. Most of the time it revolves around 4 high school students that all choose to join the light music club. There is Mugi on keyboard, Mio on bass, Ritsu on drums and Yui our main character on the guitar!

They all join the light music club to save it from being abolished and soon enough they are all great friends jamming some tunes, Problem is Yui cant play a musical instrument. The club begs Yui to stay and after some sweets and tea, she agrees.

The club then gets a teacher supervisor and she is a mentally broken down lady obsessed with the sole task of dressing the girls in different costumes. They also get part time jobs together and buy Yui a guitar, turns out Mugi-chan’s father owns the music shop and Yui gets the guitar that she has her eyes set on. The light music club then gives their sensational group of instruments a name, and after some bickering (and tea of course) they decide upon the name After-School Tea Time!!!

This is such a FUN Show, it made me laugh on so many occasions and the general feel of this anime is so laid-back. This is the kind of series’ that you just enjoy with some friends and popcorn! The animation is absolutely sensational and vibrant, The plot line is so feel-good and it actually has a very satisfying ending. The Music, do not even get me started on the music it so indescribably awesome!! The closing song is so catchy that I have gone back over and over again just to watch it!

K-ON! Is a thirteen episode series’ and it has some OVA’s at the end as well, Its a short, sweet and lovable show. Cant get enough of K-ON! well either can I and we are both in luck, The second series’ was announced in Japan not too long ago! So go flippin’ watch this series.



FLCL Review

There aren’t that many words you can use to really descripe FLCL (Furi Kuri, Fooly Cooly). It is definitely one of the more original series’ out there.


Honestly when I first watched FLCL I really wandered what the hell I had gotten myself into. It was just so different to anything I had seen before, The animation alone sets itself apart from others. Ohk now for those unaware FLCL Is a six part OVA (Original Video Animation) and it follows the story of s 12 year old boy by the name of Naoto. And the plotline goes something like this, There is a town with a giant Steam Iron in the middle of it and Naoto’s older brother’s Girlfriend starts flirting with him and then a girl on a scooter hits Naoto on his head with a guitar. The hit to the head causes Naoto to get a lump on his head that starts growing and then robots start coming out of it.


Now I understand you must be rather confused at this point of time, and you should be confused but in a good way. Even though the plot line sounds rather strange there, and dont get me wrong it is very strange, but that was just a vague overview and the series does make more sense. I might add that FLCL’s art and music is exceptional and that is really what it is remembered for, FLCL introduced a new art form that changed the way a lot of people see anime now. As I said FLCL was also very well known for its soundtrack as it featured the closing theme for the series “Ride on a shooting star” by The Pillows.

Therefore the series although strange, is a definite must for all true otaku’s and all those looking for a rather interesting yet fun series. Now I reviewed this series not only because its worth reviewing but also for the fact that Funimation recently made a statement that FLCL will be re-bundled on Blu-Ray! Thats right, looks like blu-ray is quickly becoming the future of entertainment for us anime folk and the rest of the modern world :P.

Thats all for now.


Anime Dedicated Blog!

Hello Humans!

I have recently discovered that my love for anime is to strong and that resisting that love is a futile attempt. So I am very happy to announce that from now on my blog is an Anime Dedicated Blog.

I will be pumping out reviews, recommendation’s and news daily and keeping everyone up to date on the goss of the anime world. So please If you are a fan of Anime or you just wanna stick around for the show be sure to Follow this blog so you can get your Wilkojunior anime news as soon as possible!


HIMYM is Legen…Wait for it…Dary!

The Crew

There are a lot of thing’s I’m passionate about, And one of them would have to be How I met your mother. It may sound rather strange to be passionate about an american sitcom, But the show has taught me many life lessons.

So For those people unfamiliar with HIMYM it is a sitcom created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, The story is Framed by Ted Mosby in the year 2030 as he tells the story of how he met his wife to his kids. Future Ted (As I like to call him) Informs his off-spring about his 4 best friends and their adventures, and each episode is like a bit of a really nice donut. Thats right How I met your mother is like a donut in the way that every bite tastes amazing but your eager to make your way to the jam filled center, and in this case the jam is the part where we actually find out who the mother is and how he met her.

So why take a bite of the metaphorical donut you ask? Well you see How I met your mother is the funniest piece of television I have ever seen, 4 real. No joke though HIMYM will have you in stitches like every episode and I would no cause I have seen every episode, and they are amazing! Neil Patrick Harris’s stand up performance as the witty player Barney Stinson is sensational and he is by far the most likable fictional character I have ever known!

The show is currently on break and is in the middle of its awesome 5th season, If you havent seen it then go get busy and if you have seen it….well watch some more!


A year of Fail has passed

When 2010 came upon us I was watching “Atlantis: The lost empire” and unlike the rest of the world paying no attention what so ever towards the grandfather and which way his arms were pointing. Different people see New years eve in completely different ways. There is the person that takes the passing year as what it is, just another day of the 365 that we had already experienced that happens to signify the creation of a way to keep track of the seasons. And there is the person that experiences the night as a night of celebration, fireworks and possibly a new year’s kiss.

Personally I am the former, I see the night as nothing special and usually spend it like I would most. Either way that’s enough of deep meaningless philosophical babble and metaphors, I gather you here today to celebrate the year of 2009 for what it was!

2009 was not a year of fitness or money 2009 was a year of fail!

Everyone makes mistakes, its an unavoidable part of life that just happens to be extremely funny to everyone that didn’t make said mistake. So because of the year of fails and the failures that created those fails, and the smart people that were smart enough to capture the failures creating the fails we have a compilation. a compilation, of fail.

I did not put together the compilation, just a prophet to share with you the good news of fails.


Anyway……I haven’t taken a shower since last year, so cya