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Hello Humans!

I have recently discovered that my love for anime is to strong and that resisting that love is a futile attempt. So I am very happy to announce that from now on my blog is an Anime Dedicated Blog.

I will be pumping out reviews, recommendation’s and news daily and keeping everyone up to date on the goss of the anime world. So please If you are a fan of Anime or you just wanna stick around for the show be sure to Follow this blog so you can get your Wilkojunior anime news as soon as possible!



HIMYM is Legen…Wait for it…Dary!

The Crew

There are a lot of thing’s I’m passionate about, And one of them would have to be How I met your mother. It may sound rather strange to be passionate about an american sitcom, But the show has taught me many life lessons.

So For those people unfamiliar with HIMYM it is a sitcom created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, The story is Framed by Ted Mosby in the year 2030 as he tells the story of how he met his wife to his kids. Future Ted (As I like to call him) Informs his off-spring about his 4 best friends and their adventures, and each episode is like a bit of a really nice donut. Thats right How I met your mother is like a donut in the way that every bite tastes amazing but your eager to make your way to the jam filled center, and in this case the jam is the part where we actually find out who the mother is and how he met her.

So why take a bite of the metaphorical donut you ask? Well you see How I met your mother is the funniest piece of television I have ever seen, 4 real. No joke though HIMYM will have you in stitches like every episode and I would no cause I have seen every episode, and they are amazing! Neil Patrick Harris’s stand up performance as the witty player Barney Stinson is sensational and he is by far the most likable fictional character I have ever known!

The show is currently on break and is in the middle of its awesome 5th season, If you havent seen it then go get busy and if you have seen it….well watch some more!


A year of Fail has passed

When 2010 came upon us I was watching “Atlantis: The lost empire” and unlike the rest of the world paying no attention what so ever towards the grandfather and which way his arms were pointing. Different people see New years eve in completely different ways. There is the person that takes the passing year as what it is, just another day of the 365 that we had already experienced that happens to signify the creation of a way to keep track of the seasons. And there is the person that experiences the night as a night of celebration, fireworks and possibly a new year’s kiss.

Personally I am the former, I see the night as nothing special and usually spend it like I would most. Either way that’s enough of deep meaningless philosophical babble and metaphors, I gather you here today to celebrate the year of 2009 for what it was!

2009 was not a year of fitness or money 2009 was a year of fail!

Everyone makes mistakes, its an unavoidable part of life that just happens to be extremely funny to everyone that didn’t make said mistake. So because of the year of fails and the failures that created those fails, and the smart people that were smart enough to capture the failures creating the fails we have a compilation. a compilation, of fail.

I did not put together the compilation, just a prophet to share with you the good news of fails.


Anyway……I haven’t taken a shower since last year, so cya

Mars Argo and some suicidal birds

Mars Argo

I first discovered the Indie music duo about 5 months ago, There was just something about there music that drew me in.

The story behind “Mars Argo” Which is the name of the girl and the duo is quite a simple yet intriguing one, Mars and Titanic Sinclair (the other half) met online and decided to move to Chicago together to create their music.

They created a blog known now as GroceryBag tv and that is where they post their blogs, pictures and videos. After following these guys for quite a while I have definitely become accustom  to their artsy feel and dream like music.

There first album named “Technology is a Dead Bird” Is slowly gaining on internet fame and I can encourage everyone to check out there rather amazing music. My favorite track on the album would have to be a solo by Mars, Suicide Birds

Hope you enjoyed the track and remember you can buy their album “Technology is a dead bird” on Itunes or on their website

Oh and if you haven’t already noticed Mars is absolutely stunning!

and I love her.


Guns, Midgets, Aliens and more Guns!


I am not joking…..borderlands does have midgets.

Borderlands is a very unique game, It combines aspects of MMO’S (Massively Multiplayer Online) with the gameplay of an FPS ( First Person Shooter)

There are 4 classes to choose from

  • Siren
  • Hunter
  • Soldier
  • Berserker

They each have different attributes and when played together can help each other through the game.  The level cap is 50 and there is split screen and online co-op multiplayer

So far I haven’t spotted any real flaws to the game, I have come across maybe one or two minor bugs and the art style is different and rather amazing in its own way. For now I have only played multiplayer co-op and the  game play is fantastic, but I can imagine if you were playing single player you would get rather bored.

A major selling point of the game is the arsenal of guns, and there are thousands! I’m not even joking there are over 1000 guns which makes working out your inventory of weapons a kind of mini-game. As you can imagine with so many guns you begin to find guns that are practically exactly the same except for maybe a minor tweak of speed or damage.

There are plenty of enemies to fight yourself through and as soon as you start getting sick of the same old enemy a new set of alien inhabitants cross your road.

The game plays marvelously and I cannot get enough of the way they have been able to make an FPS feel like an MMO, and we can only hope other games companies follow 2k’s lead and develop more games as good as Borderlands.

Architect of the Screen

Time after time I have been asked what I would like to make of myself when I leave school, I have not quite reached that checkpoint of freedom but it is fast approaching. I go through my childish fads at Quite a fast rate, some may stay longer than other’s but with time most of them evaporate to memories of what I wasted my time and money on.

But every so often I may stumble upon something that I really connect with and I know that I have discovered something worth keeping. An example of this would be my enjoyment and some may say addiction for Japanese pop culture, there is just something amazing about it that brings me back to the anime, manga and J-pop that I cant get enough of.

This has definitely been the case with my enjoyment for writing, the idea of being able to create a world with anything and everything I want is just incredible. My love of writing goes hand in hand with my fascination with the screen and cinematography, and the way that the two fit so well together it is hard to miss the fact that becoming a screen writer is a strong aspiration of mine.

A screen writer is an “Architect of the screen” in my opinion,  Because they can look at the television and know that the show there watching is there creation. More than actors or directors or even producers a show belongs to the screen writer the person that developed the story.

I would like to someday own a shelf with all of my creations sitting peacefully and be able to see my story’s and idea’s come to life.

I am in a very frustrated agressive state!

I am very angry.

This is my anger expressed in a picture

I am very very angry.

I understand that your are fascinated by my anger and would like to find out more but before that..

I am very very very angry.

Ohk, So about 10 minutes ago from writing this I was happy, I was happy because I had written a post for you guys. It was a post that was deep and about myself, but my computer was not happy. I could tell that it was not happy by the way that it froze and then proceeded to crash….before I clicked post on my amazing piece of literature.

This is why I am angry. so one more time

I am very very very very angry.

not this angry

But pretty close.

So I have advice to anybody that is angry

slap someone

It helps.