Luffy has Arrived!

After receiving a call today it was confirmed that it had arrived.

A parcel for me.

love that feeling of having something to open and knowing its for you

After a short walk to my community mailbox I saw the parcel crammed into the green box of dreadfully slow communication. aka My MailBox

Rushing home so that I can open the small white package in the tranquility of my own home.

You see, I knew what was in the parcel.

But the excitement of receiving the item that I had un-patiently waited for was exhilarating.

Is it sad to say that opening a package of which I knew the contents is exhilarating?

who cares. its my blog.

I opened it.

And there It was.

Luffy in all his PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) Fantasticism

yes. its a real word.

Luffy as a Statuette looks something like this


I thought I would share my excitement of the day with you.

That Is all.

Oh and Luffy looks insanely epic am I right!?



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